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Jon’s research into Goodman’s Carnegie Hall Concert has kept him busy for many years and continues today.   Did you, your parents or grandparents go to the concert?   Are you related to any of the musicians? Do you have any interesting or unusual items connected with that evening?  Do you have any photographs tucked away in an album somewhere that you would like to see published?  Do you have any of the 16” AFRS records of the concert?

The original album cover was designed by James Amos at Columbia Records, is he still with us?   Do you know anything about Wynn Nathanson, other than the commonly told story that the whole thing was his idea?   





You can get in touch with Jon by email:

Jon ‘at’ bg1938.com

(Replace with the @ sign)  

Can you identify this man on the stage stairs at Carnegie Hall with Benny Goodman?
I am delighted to report the man above has been identified as Albert Marx.   It was Albert who had arranged to have the concert recorded.    Many thanks to Lee Cohen for his invaluable information.