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BENNY GOODMAN - The Famous 1938 Carnegie Hall Jazz Concert
ISBN : 9780956240408

Gathered together, for the first time, is a unique collection of photographs and artefacts that gives an amazing new insight into the Benny Goodman Orchestra’s most famous concert.   Rare items from Benny’s own archive at Yale University, together with photographs and documents from the archives at Carnegie Hall and the Estate of Benny Goodman, are beautifully reproduced in this book.   Many items published for the first time.    The book opens with an insightful foreword written by Benny’s daughter Rachel.   

The author, Jon Hancock, is an accomplished industrial designer, a musician and luthier.   He is also a lifelong fan of Benny Goodman’s music.   An acknowledged expert on this concert, Jon can be heard on the BBC Radio 2 six-part biography of Benny Goodman written by Russell Davies.   

Jon has spent many years locating all of the contemporary reports of this extraordinary concert.   He has used this meticulous research to write an accurate, scholarly account of Benny’s landmark concert at Carnegie Hall.  The engaging prose draws the reader into the drama of the build up to the concert, weaving together the perspectives of producers, promoters and band members, resulting in a compelling “good read”.  Set in the context of the swing music boom that reverberated around the nightclubs, hotels and radio stations of New York in the late 1930’s, this fascinating story is packed with unexpected details and human interest and explores every aspect of this phenomenal concert.    It is a must for all jazz fans and Goodman fans alike.

· ‘The Quest for the Perfect Reed’ -  A foreword by Rachel Edelson (Benny’s daughter)
· Over 100 rarely seen photographs and illustrations, many in colour
· The complete original 1938 program
· The original concert  Carnegie Hall ticket and publicity handbill
· Benny’s 1950 contract with Columbia Records for the concert recordings
· 220 pages soft cover, printed on high quality art paper
This web site is dedicated to Benny Goodman’s Carnegie Hall concert.    Here you will find copies of some of the vast number of different record releases and a selection of the concert photographs and documents.  It will be updated from time to time with new material.     You can also find regular updates and some more concert photographs on our Facebook page.   
Jon Hancock's creaky movie!

The book can be ordered online from this website for immediate despatch anywhere in the world.  Or, from any bookshop in the UK, just give them the ISBN number: 9780956240408.


The book is available from:

Ray’s Jazz at Foyles Bookshops in London.


Waterstones bookshops.


The Jazz Record Center in New York City.


Carnegie Hall  gift shop.


Norbert Rueker’s Jazz-book.com in Germany.







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